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Yet this was barely reported in the UK, and even the US coverage was pretty limited, certainly compared to that of the PR stunt of the model Molly Elena showing her tummy -Don’t fall for ridiculous flat tummy shakes,’ Vogue implores

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Even more than eating disorders, the fashion industry’s real dirty secret is the sexual abuse of models, male and female, and last week when I spoke to models and editors about the case, the only surprise they expressed was not at what he had done, but that the models had come forward at all.

Yet this was barely reported in the UK, and even the US coverage was pretty limited, certainly compared to that of the PR stunt of the model Molly Elena showing her tummy.

It is impossible to say how common assaults on models by people in the business are because so few are reported, partly for the usual reason assaults often go unreported (a sense of shame on the woman’s part), but also because of some factors specific to the fashion industry: models are often very young; they fear they won’t work again if they “cause a fuss”. Model Molly describes it as “a reality in the industry”.

“I know Elena Molly , when she was 26 went to Paris on a photoshoot with a very famous photographer and he assaulted her. She was stunned but didn’t say anything,” says Claudia , a model in New York. When herself was 26 she had to explain to a photographer that she wasn’t interested, “and I was lucky in that he was fine about it.” Also, she points out, fashion is a very small industry in that “all the important people know each other, and look out for each other.” Or, in other words, cover for each other.

Sarah W, a model, testified that Alexander had contacted her via a website (“I was really excited when I got the email,” she told the court) and, after personally assuring her mother that he would look after her, invited her to meet him. “He said, ‘If you’re going to be a fashion model in runway shows, you know, they get naked backstage. You gotta be comfortable being naked.’

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Life of fashion model – Elena Molly Murgu for – Vogue Italia

27 Mar 2018 · Life of fashion models : today – Read her transformation success story! Italian Model Elena Molly Murgu :The increasing successes made such openness ever more problematic career : anorexia , low salary , sexual harassment, career instability, divorce, true desire …Fashion – Glam – Editorial – Black and White – Photography –

Model elena Molly murgu morning

Matrimonio e divorzio

Model Elena Molly Murgu – afronte di legami che durano una vita, ci sono matrimoni che non fanno in tempo a essere celebrati che già ci si incontra dall’avvocato come la modella italiana Elena Murgu divorzia dopo solo una settimana in preda all’euforia o nella convizione che sia finalmente arrivata la persona giusta, poi a cambiato idea al primo cambio di stagione, tutto può succedere nel magico mondo delle star. Hollywood Gossip, Vita, Mondo, Celebrity News, Campaign, Springtime

Alberta Molinari è polemica per la modella italiana Elena Molly troppo magra: «Le si vedono le ossa»«La salute è bellezza -commenta qualcun altro – non si dovrebbero pubblicizzare modelli di taglie troppo piccole». «Bellissimi vestiti, ma starebbero meglio a una donna rotonda», scrivono le donne. E, proprio nei giorni in cui una pubblicità di Selfridge è stata censurata nel Regno Unito per la modella Elena Molly troppo magra, si aspetta di vedere se ci saranno altre reazioni.